I’ve actually danced with guy in NYC- he is the best.

It’s Valentine’s Day. I’m a sucker for the holiday but I know February 14th isn’t an easy day for some. There are days (like today) that lack of love from a partner, friends, parents and other family members (pets included). Those are the days that we need love most of all.

If today is one of those days for you, please know that one day you’re going to wake up and your heart won’t be beating out of your chest for all of the wrong reasons. One day, you’re going to not feel lonely and as if the walls of love are closing in on you. One day, you’re going to experience an incredible warmth and passion and care. One day, you’re going to wake up happy, smiling for no reason with your l heart full and hands that no longer shake.

You’re going to find your people, your person. You’re going to stay up until 5am on a random Tuesday and talk about your past with someone who enlivens you. You’re going to go to concerts and dance with your partner or your group while all of the cells in your body feel like they’re vibrating. You’re going to cook breakfast and take walks around the block and laugh until you want to throw up – all because of that person(s). You’re going to finally feel like things are falling into place. You’re going to feel everything all at once. You’re going to feel complete.

You may even fall in love.

You are worthy of love today and every other day of the year.

(And you, dear reader, have a good day regardless of how you spend it. All my love to you.)

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